Not So Secret Garden

Sometimes inspiration comes from the most random places.

A few weeks ago I was headed over to my nana and opa’s house for a family linner (lunch/dinner?) a place I’m no stranger to.

They’ve always had a well kept garden, something I don’t take much notice of anymore. For some reason stepping out of the car that day I decided to. It could be that I’ve become that obnoxious friend who feels the need to put absolutely EVERYTHING┬áthat I am doing on my Snapchat story… so I immediately started snapping pics of their quaint outdoor entertainment area.

A few days later I was┬ástill scrolling through the photos I’d taken and thought how beautiful the space was. I wanted to share the pics again but just posting them on Facebook didn’t seem like enough. And that’s when it hit me… to start another damn blog!

This isn’t my first time to the blogging rodeo. I’ve tried many times and I’ve failed many more. The truth is I have always attempted to create something that I thought people wanted to see, not something I wanted to see. I realized that this blog needs to be about the things I love and the inspiration I get everyday. And just cross my fingers that you like it to! Seems like common sense I know, it takes me awhile but I get there eventually…

So for my first post I thought what’s better than pictures of a pretty garden and memories with a wonderful family? Now without further adieu… I present my nana and opa’s garden!

| Live happy & always add a Dash of Humor |


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